How Can We Use Solar Energy

From: Solar Power International

How we can use solar energy – Solar energy is the biggest source of energy at all. Solar energy equals about 10,000 times the global demand for primary energy. Solar energy use cheap and effective way to build a photovoltaic power generation or thermal solar panel for heat.
The photovoltaic energy generation is adjacent to the thermal solar energy use of solar energy an opportunity for direct use of solar radiation energy. Since the early hours of this technology in the year 1950, an increased effort to develop the technological components.
The area of ​​the photovoltaic series of island energy systems and networked small systems into photovoltaic power plants. In the short to medium term research areas can be seen, for example, in the building integration of solar energy.
The most expensive factor in the production of “classical” cells are expensive semiconductor technologies based on silicon. Photovoltaic elements can be manufactured from thin plastic substrates by printing and coating the tape and then laminated over each other, therefore, from a point of view of cost very attractive. To meet these requirements, equipment for coating large quantities of cheap raw materials should be built. With dispersible organic and inorganic semiconductors this can be achieved.
The first scientific work aimed at improving efficiency. It can be demonstrated that the efficiency is between 5 and 10% realistic. This allows organic photovoltaic cells to compete almost all known solar cell technologies.
Such as solar or solar energy is the energy generated by the sun by nuclear fusion that is supplied in parts as the electromagnetic radiation is called to earth.